Ryder - Innovation Kinetic Cage + Inserts + Straps

R 183.00

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Height adjustable Nylon water bottle cage with integrated Ryder Slyder system. Customized on-frame storage for tools and accessories.


- Adjustable cage with storage facilities

- Unique design allows custom positioning on bike frame (6cm  higher or 4cm lower)

- Smooth curve design minimizes bottle scratching

- Side entry (right) for easy release return

- Clip-on storage inserts and Velcro give storage options (includes horizontal and vertical insert plus Velcro    strap)

- Slyder Sleeves for CO2 and SlugPlug storage



1 x Kinetic Cage

1 x 16g CO2 sleeve

1 x Slugplug sleeve

2 x clip-on storage inserts

1 x velcro strap