Evoc Bike Rack Cover Road - Black

R 3,600.00
By Evoc

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The BIKE RACK COVER ROAD is a durable and cleverly designed cover that protects your road bike from dirt and water when transporting it on the rear bike rack of your car. It is easy to mount and offers optimum protection for your bike with a cut specifically adapted to road bikes with drop bars, while only minimally impairing visibility. The BIKE RACK COVER ROAD is suitable for both boot or hitch-mounted bike racks and comes with a handy bag for space-saving storage.  



- The covered bike remains easy to secure and lock for transport on the rack 

- Fits contours of the bike perfectly thanks to special straps 

- Material: durable, waterproof and UV-protective

- Approved for road traffic (complies with German StVZO)

- Not suitable for roof racks

- Easy to clean with warm water, sponge, brush and, if necessary, soap

- Size: 188 x 118 x 540 cm

- Weight: 1100 g