Elite Kit Crono CX Fiberglass

R 580.00

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Kit Crono CX Carbon is a bottle and bottlecage kit designed and manufactured to ensure max aerodynamic properties, perfect for time trials and triathlon.

It's the most used by WorldTour teams bottle and bottlecage aerodynamic kit.


The bottlecage on the Kit Crono CX Carbon is made in a high resistance monocoque structure reinforced with carbon fiber which makes it possible to achieve extreme lightness and withstand max tensile loads.



- Made with a resistant monocoque structure reinforced with fiberglass

- Extraordinary aerodynamic properties

- Time trials and triathlon's champions' favourite gear

- With a new finish to maximise grip on all types of courses

- Featuring a new soft rubber push-pull valve so it's easy to open and close and you can get more liquid quicker

- Bottle weight: 62g

- Cage Weight: 35g