Stages Power Meter Dura Ace R9200 Dual

R 29,900.00
By Stages

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- The Stages Shimano DURA-ACE 9100 Dual-Sided Crankset is the company’s top of the line power meter.

- Using Shimano’s leading DURA-ACE 9100 crankset, this Stages power meter features dual left/right power measurement. With a power sensor on both crank arms, the power meter can measure left and right leg power independently and transmits this data in real-time to your bicycle computer.

- This left/right power measurement is all new to Stages power meters and makes the Stages 9100 Power Meter a valuable training tool!

- Like all Stages dual-sided cranksets, this unit is accurate to within 1.5% and features dual ANT+ and Bluetooth SMART compatibility and runs off of easy to replace CR2032 batteries. In addition, the Stages 9100 Dual-Sided Power Meter is extremely lightweight, adding only 35 grams to the crankset.